Placing our experience at the service of your expertise

People are at the heart of any industrial process. The skills, motivation and experience of your teams are vital conditions for your production units to operate smoothly.

n. schlumberger, being aware of the importance of human resources and the need for them to evolve, makes available training staff whose knowledge of your profession, their wealth of experience in your markets and command of our equipment all represent your guarantee of an optimum and successful transfer of expertise.

Our training team, whose knowledge is constantly updated, can step in at your convenience at our company, in Europe, or if you prefer at your plant, because we know that the processes of all our customers are unique.

What you can expect from our training seminars is practical and theoretical knowledge for your production and maintenance staff in the following fields:

  Mechanical engineering
  Electrical and automated control systems
  Textile fibres
  Industrial processes
  Feedback in terms of skills evaluation
  An up-to-date file allowing us to offer training programmes covering several years.

Our advanced and standard
training courses are intended for technicians, foremen, industrial managers involved in combing and spinning of long fibres.

The training is supported by course materials and instruction manuals.

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