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At n. schlumberger, we actively seek out individuals who have expertise today, but more importantly, we recruit people who want to expand their skills, knowledge and commitment to a long-term career.

We recruit professionals who want to get involved. Indeed, n. schlumberger is committed to its customers to always offer them the best solutions and therefore to be present at their side whenever they need it.

Our policy is to promote internally whenever possible and to ensure the best career path for every employee in the company. Training is provided regularly.

Interested in a career at n. schlumberger? There are two possibilities: send us your cover letter and CV or respond to our job offers.

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Apprentice at n. schlumberger

n.schlumberger offers apprenticeships in the following professions: designer, multidisciplinary engineer, automation engineer, computer scientist, machining, sheet metal worker.

As an SME in the industrial sector, n. schlumberger offers comprehensive training, i.e. in addition to promoting professional skills, the specific promotion of methodological and social skills also plays an important role.

The aim is to produce competent and committed young professionals at the end of the apprenticeship, both for their own professional development and for their economic contribution.

Gender equality index

The law on the freedom to choose one’s professional future makes equal pay for men and women an obligation of result for companies.

This law requires companies to measure their gender equality index every year, in order to assess the differences in pay.

For the year 2023, the overall result of the gender equality index is incalculable.

The results by indicators:

  Pay gap: not calculable
  Difference in the rate of individual increases: 25 points
  Return from maternity leave: not calculable
  10 highest salaries: 0 points


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