The homogeneity and evenness of the sliver

The stretch broken fibres feature specific characteristics which require in most cases a defelting and blending operation after stretch breaking.

Depending on whether the stretch broken slivers are:

  100% relaxed or intended High Bulk blends
  Grey or dyed
  Spun-dyed or dyed on tows

The D5GC40 blender defelter is comprised of pre-draft element of 4 drafting zones (5 sets of cylinders) followed by a GC40 chain gill.

The D5GC40 defelter is a simple and compact solution perfectly adapted to:

  The Tow To Top lines which do not require high doublings
  The blending and defelting operations after dyeing backwashing
The fine fibres

The 5 sets of cylinders allow a high doubling up to 40 slivers and an input load up to 2 x 500 ktex. The drafting zone comprises an efficient suction system.

The blender defelter can be equipped with spraying devices and a draft autoleveller

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