The new standard in wool cleanliness

The ERA50 is the evolution of the well-known ERA40 with additional axes based on mechatronic technology which facilitate use and maintenance. Moreover, the new 50 model is ready for Industry 4.0 with complete data collection.

The major interest of this mechatronic technology is to reduce mechanical settings and operators’ interventions. That is why many settings are electronically monitored in order to enhance precision and responsiveness.

Among the new main features:

Fine tune settings given by the electric motion of 9 axes improve the textile quality
Optimized cleanliness / waste ratio thanks to 4 different circular comb speeds
  Larger filtering surface with bag
  15“ touch screen for production data, documentation or power consumption
Internet connection for remote machine diagnostics by our customer service.

The new suction system with a filtering bag replaces the traditional suction box. This easier cleaning process gives the filter better durability. By doubling the filter surface it also helps to be more efficient during the suction process and the suction power is adjustable.

All these innovations lead to a cleaner combing machine in order to maximise the textile quality during production stages. The compromise between noil and lifespan of the brush and the comb is enhanced.

Another innovation concerns the screen monitor. With a new size of 15”, a large amount of information can be displayed in real time. The documentation of the machine is accessible via the screen as well as useful data like tensions or power consumption.


Excellence and high production

With the ERA40, the n. schlumberger combing machine joins a generation based on numerous innovations enabling enhanced performance and facilitating machine maintenance and operation.

The ERA40 combing machine, with a speed which can reach 260 nips/min, offers high levels of production thanks to:

 A high input load
 Optimized cams
 Lighter moving elements
 High-powered and progressive drawing-off.

Thanks to the design and the numerous adjustment possibilities for its elements, the ERA40 combing machine is robust and reliable. The ERA40 guarantees a constant quality of its production at new speed standards.


Excellent quality of the tops and high productivity

With the ALFA combing machine, n. schlumberger offers an efficient, easy-to-use machine.

The ALFA combing machine can run up to a maximum of 260 nips/min, ensuring high productivity.

Its components are easy to reach for better maintenance in the dusty environment of combing units.

Its creel adapted for high doublings favours a homogeneous blend of the various batches.

The crimping box makes it possible to adapt crimp according to the cohesion of the material.


The integration of the process in combing for flax tow processing

The ALFA LIN combing machine includes the principal characteristics of the ALFA combing machine and adapts them to bast fibres like flax tow. That is why its high-quality parts are reinforced, like the drawing-off cylinders with a diameter of 33 mm. The ALFA LIN combing machine also has a mechanical sword and a counter-sword specially developed for hard fibres.

With a maximum speed of 165 nips/min, the ALFA LIN ensures high productivity without neglecting quality.

With a maximum speed of 165 nips/min, the ALFA LIN ensure high productivity without neglecting the quality.

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