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Our original spare parts department responds to all your requests quickly and efficiently.

Our teams use their expertise to help you find the right N. Schlumberger spare parts for your machines as quickly as possible.

Spare parts

Why purchase original spare parts?

Counterfeit spare parts can damage machines and affect their performance. N. Schlumberger parts are tested and inspected by our quality department to ensure that your machines continue to run at optimum levels.

We carry a stock of around 24,000 parts, all of which are ready for shipment.


All rush orders placed before noon, Paris time, will be dispatched by air on the same day. If you opt for reduced-rate grouped shipments, items will be shipped within one week of ordering.


If a part is not in stock, our teams will immediately provide you with an estimated delivery date.


Our shipping process is certified by IATA for faster delivery and no customs clearance. 

To request an online account in order to place orders for spare parts, contact us at spare@nsc.fr

Your N. Schlumberger contact

Tel : +33 3 89 74 41 61
Fax : +33 3 89 74 40 70
E-mail: spare@nsc.fr

Distribution centre for our Turkish customers:

Tel: +90 (342) 231 00 07
Fax: +90 (342) 231 00 87
E-mail: info@bilgeotomasyon.com.tr

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