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We bring our experience to your expertise


We Bring Our Experience to Your Expertise

N. Schlumberger uses its know-how and expertise to optimise your installed equipment base, improve your understanding of your production processes and allow you to turn out products that better meet your customers' needs.





On site

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, textile engineering

After the mechanical, electrical and textile commissioning of your new equipment

Better master your equipment

At the manufacturer's premises

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, textile engineering

From fibres to finished product via a detailed analysis of your line

Acquire and develop skills in N. Schlumberger production technologies and processes

A la carte

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technologies

According to your products and your specific needs

Enhance your knowledge and move from analysis to synthesis


Training courses :

  • Carding
  • Combing / Recombing
  • Recombing / spinning preparation
  • Preparation / Spinning
  • Tow-to-top conversion
  • Electrical engineering

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