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Productive textile machinery for the spinning preparation of long staple fibres.

Alfa Lin combing machine

Combing machine for hard fibres

Alfa LIN Combing machine for hard fibres

Card for bast fibres

  • Card is designed and especially adapted to the process of flax tow and hard fibres
  • Volumetric hopper feeder and bale opener specific to hard fibres
  • Output  with double doffer
  • Strong integrated suction network assure the quality of the delivery slivers
  • Two devices to allow straw removal adjustment
Carde fibres liberiennes

D2/D3/D5 GC40 blender defelter

The D5 GC40 blender defelter is the association of 4 drafting zones between 5 sets of cylinders and a chain gill placed inline.

D2/D3/D5 GC30 NSC Schlumberger

DUO/GC blending machine

  • Blending machine with 2 drafting heads with or without reducing head
  • Doubling up to 24, the ideal solution of complexe tops blending of colours and various qualities
  • Possibility of spraying device between the webs and the output (in case of reducing head)
  • Delivery with cans or bobbins with automatic changing
Melangeuse duo GC

ERA comber

  • Progressive combing achieved by a circular comb pinned over 360° and turning at a constant speed
  • Produced tops featuring new quality standards
  • Precise and recordable adjustments, ensuring consistent high levels of cleanliness
  • Specific combing principle, very gentle to the fibres
  • Fairly high production : more than 50 kg/h for a 21/22 µ wool
ERA Combing machine NSC Schlumberger

FM20 horizontal rubbing frame

Designed by N. Schlumberger, it has the following characteristics

  • Feed cylinders
  • Two positively driven double aprons
  • The pressure on feed cylinder is ensured by springs
  • A draft assembly with twin draft cylinders pneumatic pressure
FM20 Horizontal rubbing frame NSC Schlumberger

FM20P rubbing frame with can delivery

Horizontal rubbing frame with can delivery

FM20P NSC Schlumberger

FMV40 vertical rubbing frame

Designed by N. Schlumberger, they have the following characteristics

  • The distance between feed cylinders and draft cylinder is adjustable by motor
  • The pressure on feed cylinder is ensured by springs
  • The draft cylinder pressure is operated by pneumatic ram with individual pressure relief
FMV40 NSC Schlumberger

GC40 chain gills

  • High performance drafter speed up to 600m/min
  • Important level of productivity and textile quality
  • Optimal textile control at high speed
  • High cleaning system
  • Drafting head with a light moving assembly
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to an optimised mechanical design
  • User friendly man/machine dialogue
GC30 Chain Gill NSC Schlumberger

GN8 intersecting drawing machine

  • New intersecting based on the latest design of the chain gill drive combined with the universal drafting head of GN series
  • Designed to process wool or any kind of wool like fibres
  • Particularly adapted to process delicate, fine and short fibres such as Cashmere, Silk or fibres with low cohesion.
 Gn8 Intersecting NSC-Schlumberger

GV20 vertical gills

2 different types of drafting systems which enable it to extend its field of application to the finest fibres and improve the sliver quality.

GV20 Vertical Gill NSC Schlumberger

S200 stretch breaker

  • Preparation of knitting yarns
  • Hand-knitting yarns
  • Blankets yarns
  • Carpet yarns
S200 Stretch breaker NSC Schlumberger

Semi-worsted card

  • Engineered to process manmade fibres for coarse, medium and fine count yarns
  • Equipped with single or double doffers at delivery: detaching rollers or combs allow to process all types of fibres
  • Continious volumetric feeder
  • Integrated efficient suction system
  • Optional: in-feed autoleveller
  • 2.50m and 3.50m working width
Semi-worsted card

TT12 converter

  • The mastery of the chemical filaments crush cutting converting
  • Sliver perfect evenness and cleanlinessParfaite régularité et propreté du ruban
  • Tow checking with metal detectors and tension limiters,
  • Systems of flaments separation and relaxation before cutting
  • Wide range of cutting diagrams adaptable to the final product requirement,
TT12 Converter NSC Schlumberger

Worsted card

  • Adapted to wool 17 to 33 µ
  • technology of progressive process respecting the wool fibres.
  • hopper with countinuous flow and constant feeding density
  • High power of burr removal
  • Low "Inactive angle" under swift, for a high material yield
  • High productivity based particularly on :
  1. swift high speed
Carde peignée

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